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Women who aren't mothers have more commonalities than differences, but the demographic is not easy to understand. Some wanted children but didn't have them due to infertility, absent or unwilling partners, economic or environmental concerns. Others chose not to have them because they were satisfied with their home and professional situations, concerned about a history of family dysfunction, or lacked desire for having children of their own. Delay making a decision also caused some women to age out as menopause determines destiny.

Understanding the diversity of who we are is key to connecting effectively with us, whether for career management, financial and estate planning, or philanthropic goals. Our housing needs, spiritual fulfillment, aging issues, and health concerns differ from those of parents. Kate is ready to speak to these disparate interests with knowledge, sensitivity, and forethought.

As a corporate master trainer and independent consultant, Kate has refined her skills tailoring content and delivery to meet client expectations. Thanks to stints in community theatre, she knows the power of timing, tempo, and humor. (Some favorite roles: The Wicked Witch of the West, Cinderella's Evil Stepmother, and Marilla Cuthbert from Green Gables.)

Kate works well with diverse groups and differing perspectives, skills she put to the test as a volunteer Small Claims Court mediator, outplacement professional, and from years facilitating groups in educational, corporate, and community settings.

Contact Kate to discuss ideas for her participation at conferences, on campus, and in other venues.

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